Freshmen Summer Edition 2020 Mixtape

Mitchelle Cobb, Scarlet Collado e Isveny Pichardo Creando Un Imperio Con Pink As Gold Cosmetics


Exclusive Q&A with Reggaeton Legend Ivy Queen

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Mitchelle Cobb, Scarlet Collado e Isveny Pichardo Creando Un Imperio Con Pink As Gold Cosmetics

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Univision’s Premios Juventud (Youth Awards), the summer youth awards show, is back on Thursday, August 13, 2020 to celebrate Latin music and recognize and honor everyday heroes who have stepped up during the COVID-19 pandemic by featuring some of the world’s biggest stars and showcasing countless memorable performances and human stories. #PremiosJuventud 2020 categories and nominees will be …

Just as you thought 2020 could have not gotten any more crazy or exciting tonight we received a teaser from the official Playboy Instagram account asking “¿Quién es ese conejito?” (Who is that Bunny?). The teaser comes in the form of 3 photo post, all close ups of Bad Bunny’s face with the Playboy Bunny …

Maria Becerra continues her streak as the leading female voice of Argentina’s urban pop movement with her new single “Tú Me Lo Haces Fácil.” The moody love song arrives today with a psychedelic music video that takes Becerra and her fans back to the ’90s. As Argentina becomes more of a force in Latin music, …

MC Ingryd is a Brazilian funk artist from Rio de Janeiro. In 2019 she had a hit with ‘Vem Me Satisfazer’, a collaboration with DJ Henrique da VK.  “Vem Me Satisfazer” came about by chance and today the original version of the song is still on top charts in Brazil. Ingryd also recorded a remix …

El mundo de los cosméticos y el maquillaje en los Estados Unidos es acaparado por tres mujeres Dominicanas. Mitchelle Cobb, (modelo y Actriz),Isveny Pichardo (Publicista y Comunicadora)y Scarlet Collado ( Presentadora E Influencer) presentan Pink as gold Cosmetics. Una línea de maquillaje 100% vegana, Libre de crueldad que nace un día de Mitchelle Cobb quien …

From a very young age he combined his interest in music and acting. I study Piano, Drums, singing, dancing and acting at the CEA (Center for Artistic Education of Televisa). Emilio gained a lot of popularity acting in several outstanding soap operas, among them “My Heart is Yours”, “My Husband Has a Family”, “My Husband Has …

Rising Latin-pop artist Matias has released his new single “No Me Dejes Solo” (Don’t Leave Me Alone). His first release of the year, following a banner 2019, which saw the release of well-received singles “Vida Mia” and “Can’t Get Enough”  as well as headlining performances at Musikfest, 3000+ capacity venues, and an on-air performance with …

Check out new music from DJ Willie “En La Casa” now streaming.

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Freshmen Summer Edition 2020 Mixtape

LaMezcla Radio Radio Hits Vol. 2

MDW 2020 Mixtape

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