10 days until Christmas… Tips for that special someone.

Feliz navidad?y próspero año nuevo!
Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year! ? #wepa ??

Bendiciones La Mezcla Familia!
Es tiempo de Christmas.?
It’s almost time for Christmas.
We have 11 days left before the big day!

If??you find yourself nervous, scared, confused AND sending an SOS signal when trying to find the right gift idea for your partner, consider this timeline: (subject to change according to human behavior and interaction)

Dating a few months:
•    dress shirt | casual blouse
•    tie | costume jewelry
•    movies | appetizers & cocktails
•    showcase cooking skills with a home cooked meal
•    giftcard(s) | money

After one year:
•    sincere DIY gift – #pinterest is AMAZING – have fun
•    homecooked meal
•    giftcard(s) | money

After five years:
•    tickets to favorite sports game | concert | musical or theater play
•    plan a surprise getaway trip for the weekend #groupon has good deals  | #airbnb is also great for hotels
•    homecooked meal
•    giftcard(s) | money
•    watch | jewelry

After ten years: SHAKE IT UP ??
•    scratch an item from their “bucket list” try to fulfill their dreams
•    plan a “baecation” time spent together is always a good idea!!
•    homecooked meal
•    giftcard(s) | money
•    watch | jewelry

Thank you for reading❤️

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Twitter: yeisha_gonzalez

Sharing Christmas with your loved ones and showing them each appreciation is the best gift of all. Always remember that time well spent together is invaluable. xoxo

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