Interview with Iluvmemore Organization

I had the privilege to interview an amazing strong woman who’s doing an amazing!!!! job helping other women who have been victims of domestic violence / abuse,here is the exclusive interview with MadameJulievet owner and creator of ILUVMEMORE.ORG.

Mitchelle : What is I Luv Me More?

MadameJulievet: I Luv Me More is about helping other women find their beauty. There are women going through different situations in life but each one can still affect a women’s view on herself. Whether its depression, domestic violence, low self esteem etc.. I Luv Me More is all about educating women on beauty and healing so that she can move forward in life with confidence that she can over come anything else.

Mitchelle: When you say educating them on beauty and healing can you explain alittle more?

MadameJulievet: Of course! So a lot of women sometimes don’t do a lot of things to themselves because they don’t have the knowledge and the confidence to do it. As a Makeup Artist i can remember every training i went too when i worked in Sephora and it gave me more confidence to try colors and looks. When I accomplished it it felt great, However it took me a while sometimes to do some of them but I never gave up. So I want to help them accomplish a look no matter how hard it is. as for Healing, I can remember when I was going through two relationships in my life that broke me down. My first I was physically, verbally and emotionally abused and my second I was verbally and emotionally abused. I remember feeling so alone and embarrassed because I had no one I could turn too because I was afraid of being judged. I suffered in silence for so long. I never ever want to see or hear another woman going through that because I know personally thats a struggle that sometimes can get so deep you can’t get out of. So educating women on learning about about healing is so important for me.

Mitchelle: How did you heal?

MadameJulievet: I have always been a God loving Women. Since I was a little girl I used to walk to church alone if my family wasn’t going. As I got older I stopped going for a while but I have always prayed. Few years ago I met a woman that passionately love the word of God and knew it very well. We became very close and she taught me how to read the word of God and instantly I felt at peace, understanding his word and learning that his love for me is more grand then any other love. I started to realize my purpose in life and thats when I knew I Luv Me More had to begin. For years I wanted to help and have my own organization but i was so lost on what I wanted to do just a year ago I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Mitchelle: Why did you create this Organization?

MadameJulievet: I want this to be a getaway for women, a school, a lounge, a spa EVERYTHING!!!. Learning how to style their hair, apply makeup and over come all the pain. I want this to be where women can meet other women with the same situations and not feel judged or embarrassed. To learn to help each other, to inspire and become Fabulous and BEAUTIFUL together. Their are a lot of beauty schools to attend as a profession but some women want to just learn for apply that in their life. Thats where I Luv Me More comes in..

Mitchelle: How do you plan to make this inspirational for other women?

MadameJulievet: Sometimes we need another person to help us feel like we are worth so much more then we think. I want to be the place that women can feel like they can have a future, they can be beautiful and they can overcome life’s obstacles. This will be inspirational because I will be able to relate to so many women by just simply telling them I was there and now I am here.

Mitchelle: How was your first event?

Madamejulievet: My first event was amazing and so memorable. I was very nervous because first impressions are important and the Center of Domestic Violence were not only wonderful people to me but I wanted to make sure that I did exactly what I wanted to do and more. I wanted them to feel like they made the best decision by letting me do this event for them. The place where we had the event was to be kept private as well as the women’s identity. It was very important to them because these women were basically staying away to be safe for them and their children. My Glam Team and I came, did their hair, makeup, gave them a gift bag filled with goodies, (skin care, makeup) and my mother and I hand made sparkly pins for them. They left feeling amazing and with a huge smile. I will never forget this one woman I met. She was pregnant and her story made me feel like I have to do more because her story truly broke my heart

Mitchelle: Can you tell us aliitle bit more?

MadameJulievet: Sure, She was pregnant and the man that she was staying away from was also the father of the baby. Not only did he try to kill her and his unborn child but he ruined all of her stuff. She had nothing. As I was doing her hair I was telling her how beautiful her hair was . She smiled and said thank you. She began to tell me how she didn’t have hair products or anything. That she would love to do these kind of things but she couldn’t because he had ruin everything. Instantly that broke my heart and made me feel like I wanted to do so much for these women. I went home thinking what else can I do? So I started a coat drive which went well. We got a few coats to give to them and soon I want to start a another drive. I would like donations of all kinds of beauty products.

Mtichelle: ok I can see why you would like to do that now. Did that women inspire you?

MadameJulievet: Yes she did! I wanted to go to the nearest Duane Reade and buy her so much stuff that day. But because I invested in already for that event I couldn’t. So I told myself I will reach out to Major Skincare, Cosmetic and Haircare companies in hopes that they will help out too. Thats in the works as we speak.

Mitchelle: Wondeful… Any plans for the next few months?

MadameJulievet:Yea my next event will be hopefully in April. I am doing a fundraiser for that on This event will be something beautiful and glamorous. I truly hope that we will be able to get as much help so that we can make this happen. This event will definitely be open to the public..
I am still a Makeup Artist, I will be Mitchelle M Cobb’s Makeup Artist for her upcoming photo shoots and events. Not only that but she has taken a great interest in I Luv Me More and has been a great help in helping us become known to others. We have a few power moves set up that are going to definitely put us on the map. Stay Tuned follow us on our Instagram Iluvmemore2015 and LaBarbs as wel

Mitchelle: Thats Wondeful well thank you for coming out and talking with us, how can we reach out and see what your doing?

MadameJulievet: No Thank You it was a pleasure. And you can reach me at and for anyone that wants to Donate.

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