Abel tell us a bit about the man behind the mic

The nickname Amess where does it comes from?
Well the name was a suggestion one time by someone and i liked the way it sounded so i ran with it. Then everyone started calling me it so i couldn’t run from it!

Do you believe it has been hard for latin artist to break into the american / english speaking industry?
That’s a good question. It is hard but as far for me i feel like its been less harder on me than others because the way i grew up. I grew up listening to rap music, i don’t listen to spanish music like that because when im focused on doing some type of work i focus on one genre so i don’t get distracted. Like right now I’m working on No Favors 2 drops in the summer. It’s going to be crazy. Sometimes i dont listen to nobody to focus on myself. As far as politics it is hard because its like that most times. I’m determinded to be the first full spanish man to become one of the biggest artists in a english speaking industry. I love rap.. Either way ill be doing this. Its my thing so i don’t even look at it that way.

Can you name some of the artist you have worked with?
Well i haven’t worked with any celebrities. I have worked with upcoming artists such as Jay Fiyah & Don D from Washington heights. I’ve worked with AGL from the International Boyz back then, we actually had so many songs together that never came out. Also Zeak from Paterson, Phantom, Uk artist as well.. i limit my features. I don’t like working with everyone. It has to be real
Where do you find the inspirations to write your songs?

Life struggles.. every time i feel pain i create my best songs.

Aside from rapping what other plans do you have on the works currently?

Rap is the last thing on my list to do.. i won’t speak on everything i want to do but a few things are starting my own record label LDRecords (Lamborghini Dreamz). Clothing, Modeling Agency and Finish building my studios.

We know you have a clothing line tell us a bit about that

YES! Its been an idea for about a year now. I haven’t came across the right company to join forces with so its been on hold. I plan to release my own clothing such as beanies, snapbacks,sweats and shirts to start for everyone even little kids.

Your latest single no favors was inspired because . . . .

My mixtape No favors was inspired by the messed up deal i had. I was signed to an indie company for 2 years which didn’t allow me to release any music basically ruined my buzz. Once my deal was over i wanted to prove that i didn’t need a favor. I made the best decision by becoming my own boss.

Is there any artist you will like to colab with ?
Yes i would like to collab with 50cent, Rich Homie Quan, Jadakiss, Drake, Meek Mill, Wale and Nipsey Hussle. Many more but for now these are the ones that come to mind.

Any advice for future rappers ?
Be yourself and give the fans music they can feel. Anyone can listen but can everybody feel you?

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