2016 Orlando Dominican Independence Festival

On February 21st the Lee Vista Park in Orlando was the platform for the 12th Dominican independence festival. A showcase of the best from the Dominican culture in terms of music and food. It was all possible thanks to tony lima productions and sponsors, hosted by Franchy and  La Gitana of Rumba 100.3 and  straight from the Dominican Republic Michael Miguel As a special Host.

The 12th edition of the fest brought us some legendary performers such as Merengue singers Ruby Perez, and Tono Rosario whose energy pump up the crowd with all of his all-time hits and interaction with the people.

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The Bachata genre was represented by internationally  known singer Hector Acosta, and Old school Bachata singer Joe Veras whose hits are well known within the Dominican crowd and other Latin countries. This edition also marked the debut of the Dominican salsa group Chiquito Team Band, a group that have become a sensation within the salsa community internationally especially after their number one hit song llamada de mi ex.

However it was the anticipation of one of the first appearances of the Merengue tipico’s most influential females in the Dominican Republic Fefita la Grande. Her presence had not been seen in concerts for over a decade.  It was nothing but excitement to see her perform and dance along with the crowd. It was definitely a day to remember for everyone from kids to adults. We can say without a doubt that she was the main event of the festival.

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In addition, the food and drinks vendors were located throughout the park offering a taste of the authentic Dominican food and drinks such as fried plantain slices or “tostones” as well as mash plantains or “Mangu” and drinks like Presidente beer and Brugal rum; along with vendors from different Latin countries that participated in the festival providing some of their main dishes.

To sum up, the Dominican Independence Festival is growing in popularity each year, attracting festival goers from all Latin countries. It’s a joyful display of music and electrifying vibes among the spectators that you could only experience by being part of it. This 2016 edition was a memorable one due to a long awaited artist Fefita La Grande and the debut of Chiquito Team Band. Thanks to Tony Lima productions and sponsors for such a great job, we hope to see and be part of many more editions of this festival.

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