21 Questions with Latin Model Misss Peru

1. Describe yourself only using one word?

2. Favorite type of genre?

3. Top 3 favorite Latin Artist?
Maluma, J Lo, Nicky Jam

4. Yellow or White Rise?

5. What do you on your time off?
Right now I’m currently obsessed with interior decorating

6. If you could have your own candy bar what would you name it?
Dulce Fio

7. Instagram of Snapchat and why?
Snapchat, its more realistic and you get better insight of someone’s personality and life

8. Favorite type of work out?
Zumba (Latin Dance Cardio)

9. Are you a Dog or Cat person?
I can’t choose I’ve always loved both sometimes I’m more of the other and it varies

10. Favorite Vacation place?
Punta Cana but I want to see Mykonos and Machupicchu soon

11. Beach or Pool and why?
Beach, I love the sea!

12. Qualities you look for in a man?

  • The eyes you can see truth there quickly
  • Hands and nails (for cleanliness)
  • Humor cause I HAVE to laugh
  • Height cause he has to be taller
  • Respectful and Polite turns me on more than anything in this day and age where everyone thinks it’s cute to be a loose asshole.
  • Relationship with his mom

13. What are your biggest turn-ons?
Power, Integrity, Being an overall good person and sweet is my biggest turn on, I take that over the “bad guys” all day.

14. What are your biggest turn-offs?

  • Guys that are non exclusive (social media exposed so many here)
  • Assholes
  • Treating me like they’re smarter than me (trust me, I’m smarter than I look)
  • Flashy guys that want to flash wealth (because they usually don’t have it and it’s a big sign of immaturity and insecurity)

15. Favorite song when starting your workout?
Girls Like – Tinie Tempah

16. Fast Food or sit down Restaurant? (Which Restaurant)
Cha Chas here In Cali

17. Netflix or Cable?
Cable – There’s something satisfying about watching and judging all the real housewife drama

18. Favorite Show to watch?
The Walking Dead all day

19. Do you still watch cartoon?
No not since I was in middle school and even then i was too old to be watching

20. Favorite thing about being a model?
Love to inspire moms and all curvaceous women on a bigger platform

21. What’s your nationality?

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