Maffio Exclusive Q&A/Interview


Q: Where did your career begin as a producer?
A: My career in the music started in Brooklyn, N.Y. at the age of 6 when I performed “fleur De Liz” by Ludwig Van Beethoven in my school auditorium. I created my first original piece in the Dominican Republic at the age of 12. My first hit as a producer was at the age of 17 and the first Record Label that I produced and partially performed in an album was for J&N Records (then MP Records) in the Dominican Republic at the age of 18.

Q: 2.Where did your career begin as a artist?
A: My career as an artist begun in the Dominican Republic when I wrote, produced and performed my first song at the age of 15. The song was titled “Billy” and it was me feat. Arianna Puello. It was a hip hop narrating a very traumatic moment in my life, the assessination of my uncle Billy.

Q: Which career do you prefer to stick to?
A: I will always live for and stick to anything that has to do with music in general, whether is composing, producing, interpreting, music engineering and as an executive.

Q: How did you get the name Maffio? 
A: The name Maffio came because as a child I always liked sitting with my legs cross and wearing dark sunglasses so my father used to always say that I had the Mafioso look, so from there I have adopted the name and to make it shorter and original I decided to go for Maffio instead of Mafioso.

Q: As a producer that has many years in the game working with many artist which artist do you want to work with that you haven’t worked with yet? 
A: The artist that I always wanted to work with was Michael Jackson.
A: Music because music to me is not a job is a way to express my feelings. Music is my passion.

Q: What advice do you have for people that want to be as successful as yourself? 
A: Discipline, patience, persistence, dedication, passion for what you do, loyalty to yourself and to the people that give you support and believe in you. Don’t wait until someone comes to you to show the world what you have, you go out there and you show the world what you have. Stay humble.

Q: As a producer that has met many different artist which is your favorite out of all?
A: So far everybody that I have work with that shows professionalism, responsibility and dedication, and an artist that give constructive opinions and listen to directions is my favorite. Also an artist that gives you that fun vibe, that make your inspiration flow so naturally, that’s my favorite artist and so far most of the people I have work with has most of the qualities mentioned above. Is really hard for me to pick a favorite, I just love what I do and I always try to make work a good experience for anybody that comes to my studio.

Q: What can we expect next from Maffio?
A: I am currently concentrated in the production and introduction of my new artist Davon as a solo artist, who was previosly signed to Univision Music Group, but in a group. We are in the process of digital promotion and will follow up with radio airplay and a music video for his first single “Adicto”. I’ve also signed a female solo artist name Amara, who won third place in Univisions Reality “Diva Latina”. I’m also working on Fulanitos upcoming album, “The Reintroduction”, as well as producing El Cata and Proyecto Uno albums. We recently released a single titled “Perdoname” Juliana feat. Fulanito a song partially written by Davon. Also me and DJ Hostile did the whole sound track for the third season of VH1’s reality show “Tough Love”, which will air in the summer 2010. Also a single written, produced and perform by me titled “The Face of Sex” will be featured in DJ Nelson’s “Flow La Discoteca 3” and many many more projects coming up. I have been recognized as the creator of “El Merengue Electronico” thank to all the DJs, the websites that supported my songs and all the artists that keep coming to my studio and recognize hardwork, creativity and dedication. Alkatraks will keep making all type of music genres and we will definitely keep making more “Merengue Electronico”.

Q: What do you like best about Latin Online Magazine?
A: I love Latin Online Magazine because is very interactive and it keeps me inform. Always bringing fresh news, always having the best music, LaMezcla also offers variety and that makes it different and I love originality.

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