AJ El Kallejero Exclusive Q&A

Q:How different is it going from working in front of a camera to working behind the mic at a radio station?
At first, it was night and day. On radio, I can at times go to work with shorts and chancletas and no one is watching me. On camera you have to be on point and everyone is watching you. lol.. With time you get used it to all. Like everything at first, super nervous.

Q:We all know that New York is one of the toughest cities to work in, what kept you motivated to reach your goal and making it in the music business?
When I was intern, I read a book called ” from intern to president, make it happen!” from Kevin Liles. That book is what ignited the fire with being motivated and keeping my eye on the prizes in making it in the music business. NYC is the concrete jungle, #1 market in the U.S.A. you make it here youi make it anywhere. lol. My family and GOD keeps me motivated. I am also a true believer in good karma.

Q:What do you do ob your time off?
What’s that? lol. Lay in bed. Spend time with the family. Rest and relaxation.

Q:What advice do you have for other DJs or anyone interested in the music business that would like to be as successful as you?
Like I tell everyone, you must first believe in yourself. Keep your eye on the prize, never settle. Pay your dues, be proactive and never burn bridges. Network, build bridges and remember patience is a virtue. Be humble and hungry and be willing to work harder than the next person. Be yourself and have fun!

Q:When your on your way to the station or just driving around what type of music do you listen to?
Depends, how I feel, sometimes I put on a mixtape. Listen to other radio stations, spanish and non spanish and at time even 1010am WINS. lol. They got the news.

Q:How did you come up with the name AJ El Kallejero?
It kind of just happen. I started working in a station called LA KALLE 105.9 1st reggaeton station in nyc like 7 years ago. I used to drive the trucks around and would always be in the streets. Travel the entire tri state at times in one day. lol. It kind of just stuck with me.

Q:What do you like best about being a DJ?
Being able to help up and coming talent and doing something I truly love. My office is the Club and Radio Box. God is truly good!

Q:Where did you career being?
NYC 2005 with Univision Radio.

Q:I know you also interview artist, is they an artist that you have always wanted to interview but never had the chance to?
It’s funny that you say that. I have always wanted to interview Don Omar. Gracias a diosito I am currently working with him on his internet radio station REDLINKRADIO.COM so he promised me an interview. lol. Daddy Yankee, Pitbull and J-Lo.

Q:As a DJ that has meet and worked with different artist which have been your favorite to work with?
I’ve been blessed to work with a lot of artist. I like them all. Several has seen me grow up in this industry. The divas, I don’t deal with. lol.

Q:What do you like about LaMezcla.com?
Es la mezcla, tiene de todo y apoya a talentos y musica latino!

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