Alejandra Guzmán: ‘Rock is invincible’

Mexican singer Alejandra Guzmán, who is preparing to conquer Las Vegas, United States, next November, assures that rock is an invincible genre despite new musical proposals, such as reggaeton.

“Rock will continue to live as long as there is music in the world and it continues to inspire us,” she said in an interview with Efe in Mérida, in the Mexican southeast, where she arrived as part of the Tuya Tour.

Empowered by her music, the so-called “queen of rock” in Mexico, she adds that she is not afraid that the new generations will forget the genre. “There is always someone who will be captivated by rock and there are many young people who learn from what their parents listen to,” says the actress, producer and businesswoman.

The so-called ‘rock diva’ in Latin America assures that she is happy “for many reasons”, mainly because of her new concert residency at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. “I am very happy and happy because the show we offer on the Tuya Tour has been an impressive success, people have liked it,” Alejandra Guzman explains.

El Tuya Tours in Mérida brought together more than 9,000 people who enjoyed an explosive and sensual concert, in which the new arrangements revived hits achieved in almost seven decades of career, such as ‘A shout in the night’, ‘Hey güera’, ‘ Fallen Angels’ and ‘Bad Grass’.

Blush-free fans danced and chanted ‘The Plague’, ‘Forever Beautiful’, ‘Queen of Hearts’, ‘Making Love with Another’ and ‘Dangerous Summer’.

Alejandra Guzman’s impeccable voice, her overwhelming personality and her love for her admirers preserve her as one of her greatest hits: ‘Eternamente bella’, the song that she released on May 8, 1990 and that gave name to her third album.

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