Alejandro Sanz said goodbye a few weeks ago from one of the most exciting tours he has ever experienced. His first tour after the worst of a pandemic that reunited the artist with thousands of his fans live. And after his time on stage, it seems that the time has come for a new stage.

A new era that began a couple of months ago when the soloist from Madrid confirmed his new team after his agreement with Alex Mizrahi (OCESA-Seitrack, the most important artistic representation agency in Latin America) and with Íñigo Zabala, former leader of Warner Music Iberia and Latin America for 2 decades. A new work team for the challenges and goals that the musician from Madrid has set for the future.

Something exciting as Alejandro Sanz himself has confirmed on his official Twitter profile where he has left some clues about what is going on inside him: “I have spent a sad time, musically empty, angry and lacking in creativity. Delivered to the nothing… But, suddenly, I have recovered my essence. I have a new desire for concerts and recordings. Music begins to burn in me again. I just wanted to share it”.

Both his followers and us in the media have appreciated this first news about a future musical project that apparently still has a long way to go. Fortunately, it seems that his fans are going to be with him in the project: “Music knocks on my door and I open it like someone who opens the door to a love that you knew would always come back. Wish me luck in knowing how to love her.”

And that is what his music lovers have been doing for more than 30 years since the musician debuted with his first works. Just a few days ago he celebrated the 25th anniversary of the release of one of his greatest hits: Más. The album that catapulted him to worldwide stardom: “You see, there are no two without three…and so on up to 25. We have come and gone , without stopping. Celebrating together this journey of so many years, while we plan all that we have left 🙏”.

With more than 25 million records sold and multiple platinum certifications in Spain, Latin America and the United States, Alejandro Sanz is also the Spanish artist with the highest number of Grammy awards in history, with a total of 4 and 25 Latin Grammys.

Precisely Alejandro Sanz is once again nominated in the awards in which he is the most awarded Spanish artist. This time he does it in one of the most important categories: the best album of the year. The man from Madrid could win this award for Sanz, his most recent album which, given what has been seen, seems that it could soon have a successor.

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