Alejandro Sanz’ Interview Inspires Music Majors


The Spaniard composer and singer Alejandro Sanz, one of the most recognized international Latinos with more than 25 million records sold, has the most Grammy awards (16 Latin Grammys and three Grammys) was in Miami, Fla. Thursday for an exclusive private interview session just before his last concert in the United States.

Alejandro with 44 years under his belt admitted that with 25 years of his music career he still gets nervous.

“One must control ones nerves first. It isn’t easy to be in front of the public and you never stop getting nervous before going on stage. It is important to have a good team and confide in that others will not fail you in order to have a good concert.”

How did you get involved in music?

Alejandro: It was pure coincidence. My mother took us, my brother and me to a karate academy since it was closed she enrolled us in a guitar academy instead that was next door. Music is very important to me; it is something one has inside. It’s a passion.

Alejandro Sanz inspires music majors
Alejandro Sanz inspires music majors
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Today everything is based on social media, the internet, as an artist which is the best way to manage it?

Alejandro: To have the best band, good musicians and a good show so people could enjoy. We need capable people and that can react quickly, be alert because everything changes daily. In regards to me, continue working and do the best I can.

What inspires you to write a song?

Alejandro: Composing a song is like making stew. You need a lot of ingredients; it’s no sense having only meat and potato. I normally improvise with my guitar or with the piano, I create a structure and at the end I add the lyrics. I feel a sense of pleasure adding words where they hardly fit and that is what motivates me to continue writing songs.

It is worth all the emotions. Everything that provokes you a reaction is worthy to write a song. Also very important is a method to write a song. There are people that are inspired better to write the medley first than add the lyrics. Others like to improvise. Pick your method and let it lead you.

Confide in others that they will not fail you, believe in what you do, feel good in what you do. The dynamic is very important, it gives the song meaning and makes you fall in love with the song.

Alejandro also stated,

“Today singers have representatives before they have work. I had a manager when I had sold enough records in Spain. I had the necessity to have a person take care of my business and concerts.”

After the interview concluded, all present were able to witness Alejandro Sanz and his musician’s sound check for his La Música No Se Toca Tour later in the evening. After the concert, he was on his way to Puerto Rico and then to Spain to continue his extensive tour.

“Music is my only tool that I have had to succeed.”


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