And the Winner is? Miss Universe 2015 Breakdown

So last night I was laying in bed watching a movie, and then I get a message asking if I had seen what happened at the end of the Miss Universe Pageant. I go to my phone I open Instagram (My Daily Newspaper) and see a wave of Steve Harvey Meme’s everywhere. For those of you that didn’t watch the event like me, Steve Harvey was the host of the event, as he went to announce the winner there was a moment of miscommunication which lead the wrong contestant to be crowned which in the case would be Miss Columbia who was crowned the winner but was the runner and Miss Philippines the Winner sounds crazy right.

So for the first time ever the world had to watch a crown be removed none the less from a Latina which created an uproar in the audience. Now lets take a second and think about this they crowned the winner, they gave her flowers and let her do her thing and no one said stop your wrong until Steve apologized and corrected the situation. Many went to social media to share their thoughts and comments on how everything went down, from celebrities at the event to everyday humans like you and me.

Steve Harvey also apologized live on TV, backstage and he also posted a tweet last night letting the world know how sorry he was. At the end of the day it was live TV and anything could go wrong, how can something like this go wrong I don’t know but we saw it first hand last night. After this hot mess was all cleared up we found out that the teleprompter that Harvey was reading from was the cause of the miscommunication. To Steve its going to be OK, to Miss Columbia this could be the beginning of something better to come. Overall let us know what you think and how you feel by leaving a comment below.




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