Antonio Asfura

Singer, composer, author, director, and producer Antonio Asfura went from participating on many television programs for Univision network to signing with Gatbik® (a record label, distribution, and publishing company in the U.S.), and releasing his first #1 hit record “Sin Duda” on 2013.

“Sin Duda”, because of its originality, marked a strong beginning in the career of this talented native from Honduras. Asfura made his debut with a production which contains a song and a novel, in book format, based on a true story and dedicated to every immigrant obligated to leave his/her homeland. Because of this combination, his release was acquired for digital distribution by major companies in more than 172 countries and for physical distribution in the U.S. by Barnes & Noble; allowing Asfura to appear on various magazine covers.

On July 2016, after performing at many venues and been presented on various international interviews, Antonio Asfura released his second and much expected single “Adicción”. He collaborated not only as the singer, songwriter and producer of the song, but also as co-director and co-producer of the official music video, which portrays a clear message against animal abuse. “Adicción” music video was such a great channel to raise awareness again animal abuse that was shared by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA Latino. “Adicción” made its way to top 10 in radio charts.

On October 2017, Antonio Asfura released “Mil Razones Para Amar”, a romantic ballad song that conquers the hearts of those who listen to it; making it a perfect song to dedicate to loved ones. This release marks an important benchmark on his career. He not only collaborated as singer, songwriter and producer of the song, but he was the director and producer of the official music video. 

His music genre is a fusion of dance, pop, romantic, urban, and electronic musical styles.

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