Ariana Grande leaves her musical career???

The success of the Thank U, Next interpreter has led her to explore other businesses and, over the months, to move away from her musical facet.

Some followers of the artist, in the face of her supposed musical abandonment, have expressed her dissatisfaction and, on repeated occasions, have criticized Ariana Grande for focusing on other aspects away from her career.

One of the most criticized aspects has been the importance that Ariana Grande has given to her cosmetics brand, REM Beauty, which for a year was created with the aim that her followers can experiment and show their creativity when it comes to make up.

On this occasion, while the American artist was unboxing products from her brand, a fan account made a controversial comment in full live broadcast.

“Please remember that you are a singer,” she said, referring to the fact that Ariana Grande is not one hundred percent focused on her musical career.

Faced with these criticisms, Ariana Grande surprised her followers with an elegant response and ended the negative comments during her direct.

“Actually, I’ve never felt more comfortable with my voice or as a singer,” she stated.

In addition to her business in the cosmetics industry, Ariana Grande is also immersed in the film world preparing for her role as Gilda for the adaptation of The Good Witch.

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The American singer has not released any musical production since 2020, the date on which she published her LP Positions, for which she has generated concern in her followers about her possible withdrawal.

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