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Freshmen Summer Edition 2020 Mixtape

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Marlyn Jimenez

As a young child Marlyn Jimenez knew singing was her passion. At the early age of 11 she began her journey in musical theater off Broadway. Discovering her talents and passion for the arts between theater and her church choir, Marlyn knew music was her calling. In 2001 Marlyn was approached to sing with a …

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Veejay The Deejay

VeeJay, the young disc jockey born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, started pursuing his DeeJay career in1999 and started no different than any other DeeJay’s in this world, mixing at home and enjoying his hobby. As he listened to favorites such as Alex Sensation, DeeJay Precise, DeeJay Lobo and other major DeeJay’s in the tri-state …

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1.Te Quiero – Ricardo Arjona 2.Hasta Que Te Conocí – Mana 3.No Me Compares – Alejandro Sanz 4.Yo No Soy Un Monstruo – Elvis Crespo 5.Hasta Que Salga El Sol – Don Omar 6.Dame La Ola – Tito “El Bambino” El Patrón 7.La Diabla/Mi Santa – Romeo Santos ft. Tomatito 8.Incondicional – Prince Royce 9.Bailando …

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iPhone 5

So after all the hype its finally here the all new iPhone 5. Today was the day that everyone around the world watched the reviling of the new iPhone 5, and as previous leaked photos showed it was exactly what everyone thought it would be. With a taller screen and better camera the iPhone 5 once again …

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Captain Jack Sparrow

It is being reported by that the film Pirates 5 will be shooting in Puerto Rico this November. This is something new since most of the previous movies were filmed in Hawaii. Pirates 5 is also reporting that Johnny Depp will be in the film even tho not much details have been released. Stay …

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Mana Top Ten 09/10/12

1.Hasta Que Te Conocí – Mana 2.No Me Compares – Alejandro Sanz 3.Yo No Soy Un Monstruo – Elvis Crespo 4.Hasta Que Salga El Sol – Don Omar 5.Dame La Ola – Tito “El Bambino” El Patrón 6.La Diabla/Mi Santa – Romeo Santos ft. Tomatito 7.Incondicional – Prince Royce 8.Bailando Por El Mundo – Juan …

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DJ Cho-Kay - Baja Panty 3 (Mix)

Baja Panty Part 3 the brought to you by Orlando own Reggaeton Master DJ Cho-Kay!

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Megaton NYC Promo Video

The official prom video for NYC Megaton Mundial de Polito Vega!

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Alejandro Sanz Top Ten Banner

1.No Me Compares – Alejandro Sanz 2.Yo No Soy Un Monstruo – Elvis Crespo 3.Hasta Que Salga El Sol – Don Omar 4.Dame La Ola – Tito “El Bambino” El Patrón 5.La Diabla/Mi Santa – Romeo Santos ft. Tomatito 6.Incondicional – Prince Royce 7.Bailando Por El Mundo – Juan Magan Ft Pitbull, El Cata 8.Tu …

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DJ Amo

Q:How much weight have you lost in this whole process? A: So far I lost 122lbs and not stopping til I hit my goal of Losing 250lbs Q:How do you feel mentally and physically? A:Physically I be in pain at time because I been over weight for 10 yrs and it took a toll on my body. …

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