Aventura First Weekend at United Palace

The phrase “The Word is Watching” has been said many times for many important moments in history. This past weekend was the reunion of one of the most recognized new age Bachata groups ever Aventura. Since their break up in 2010 and each member went on to work on individual projects, Romeo and Henry started their solo career as Max and Lenny created their own music company and Bachata Group “It’s Vena”. Everyone enjoyed their success but we always had that idea or question if they would ever get back together and then it happened. On December 2, 2015 a promotional video was released to the world announcing that the band was getting back together for the month of February in New York City. As a fan of Aventura not only for their music but for their work and how they have helped expand who we are as Dominicans and Latinos I was excited and proud for what was about to take place.

On December 6, 2015 they announced their  first set of events at NYC’s United Palace and sold out with in 45 minutes and then announced more dates and once again they sold out in about 30 minutes. In what was set to be a small reunion tour for the group ended up becoming a sold out 20 event tour in United Palace, so February this year has 29 days and they sold out 20, 20 days of sold out concerts, the group made history once again. Many didn’t see this coming the idea of Aventura getting back together as something that would happen at the level it did, to get Romeo, Henry, Lenny, and Max together to do what they do best felt amazing.

Finally on February 4, 2016 day one of 20 came to reality and we once again felt the presence of the most famous Bachata group in the world. The reaction and amount of social media buzz was out of this world, you had fans posting videos and pictures of this historic event, fans who traveled from different states and countries to be apart of history. Aventura has entered a moment where you can really say the world is watching because everyone around the world was talking about this month of events.

To understand what Aventura has done for Latin Music you have to go back to where they came from, how their careers started and everything they had to grow through to make it to this point. For those who have seen them live and in person there are few words that really describe the feeling and the excitement. For those who are living that movement for the first time in NYC, connect with the music and the medley and as Romeo say Vivi Tu Aventura.

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