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YoTaxi a new web show that is breaking the internet directed and created by actor Joseph Cepin and Gavin HungerFord,The brand new Web series show about a Dominican taxi driver Pedro, and all the crazy interactions he has with his riders and his best friends Carlos and Maria. Pedro’s loud, frisky, and doesn’t speak English very well. Based in New York City, this comedy follows Pedro throughout his misadventures. Giving its viewers a unique and hilarious view into the backseat of a NYC taxi. Pedro picks up people from all walks of life while going through Harlem, The Upper West Side, Washington Heights, and the Bronx. You never know what to expect from this taxi driver check out lamezcla’s exclusive interview with one of the creators of YoTaxi.

Tells us a little bit about yourself who is Joseph Cepin?
– I’m an Actor from New York City who decided that making films is also fun and something I really like to do. I would consider myself to be an Actor, Director, and Writer. In that order. I started acting at a very young age just fell in love with it. I would say I’m an overall artist.
What is Yo Taxi! ?
– Yo Taxi! is a comedic web series written and directed by Joseph Cepin and Gavin
Hungerford. Filmed in the Big Apple, New York City. Focusing on the different boroughs of the city and all of its diverse residents. Following Pedro Rodriguez, a Dominican taxi driver, on his hilarious adventures throughout New York City! This show is about Pedro’s struggle to make it in America with his friends Carlos and Maria, and all the crazy passengers Pedro encounters along the way. Some the scenarios are even based on true stories.
what inspired you to create Yo Taxi! ?
– I use to be a taxi driver and I’ve seen the taxi life and it isn’t as easy as most people think it is.
how many seasons have you guys filmed and how many more are you planning on filming in the near future?
– we have filmed 1 season we are working on season 2 and we plan on making 5 seasons or maybe more but we’re not sure yet. We have a good feeling about the show though.
who are the main characters in the show?
– The Pedro Rodriguez, Carlos Santiago, Maria Dominguez, Chris
where do you see yourself going with directing movies and web series?
– Yo Taxi! Might be my only WebSeries but you never know. It’s becoming a very popular outlet for people who, like me and Gavin, want to make things for themselves. It’s feels great to know that we are doing things our way, the way we want too. As far as directing movies, I see myself emulating Woody Allen.
what other plans is joseph cepin currently working on besides Yo taxi! ?
– I’m working on the feature film “Peace of Mind” I made a short film called “Peace of Mind” and it made into the Manhattan film festival, so I’ve decided to make the feature.
how can other artist get in touch with you ?
– They can email me and follow me on on social media. I love meeting other artists. It very inspiring.
are you currently doing any castings for other projects besides yotaxi? – as of right now I’m not.
how can viewers and fans find you on the internet?
– They can find the show on Instagram/Twitter: @YoTaxiShow website: YoTaxi.TV – To find me on Instagram/Twitter: @Mr_Cepin

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