Becky G 2019 Spain Tour

This past week Becky G announced her Spain 2019 Tour. The tour will start on June 28 through July 20 with 9 different events. A majority of the events will feature Becky G headlining Major Overseas Festivals. Check out the list below and let us know if Becky will be in a Festival in your Country.  

  • Junio 28 Barcelona Share Festival
  • Junio 29 Villarreal Fen Festival
  • Junio 30 Ibiza Metropoli Festival
  • Julio 5 Malaga Weekend Beach Festival
  • Julio 7 Madrid Yolo Music Festival
  • Julio 13 Benidorm Reggaeton Beach Festival
  • Julio 18 Gran Canaria Canarias Baila Festival
  • Julio 19 Tenerife Canarias Baila Festival
  • Julio 20 Palma De Mallorca Reggaeton Beach Festival
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