Becky G Debuts We Are Mexico Song

Becky G has joined the Latin voices standing in solidarity with Mexicans in response to Donald Trump’s recent anti-immigrant remarks.

The 18-year-old Mexican-American star debuted a new track titled “We Are Mexico” on Friday (June 26), saying she was moved by the fact that the song’s title was trending on Twitter.

“Hard work, double time, overtime, two jobs, working till our heads hurt, but we ain’t never late to pay the bills,” sings Becky, whose grandparents came from Mexico and settled in southern California. “Mother said, ‘Always follow your heart, make sure you keep your head above the water,’ and I promised her I always will.”

Listen to “We Are Mexico” below. According to Becky’s reps, the track will be included in her forthcoming album, due later this year.

Up next, Becky will perform at a tribute concert in Long Beach, Calif., on July 2honoring the late Jenni Rivera. And starting this fall, she will embark on a tour withJ Balvin, who also became a target in Trump’s Latin lash-out, after canceling his performance in the upcoming Miss USA pageant (an event tied to the Trump Organization).

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