Camila; music that feeds the soul

Although Camila returned to the stage in mid-2021, it will not be until this month that she is reunited with her Mexican fandom. And if the pandemic left something in the duo, it was a reflection on why they make music, so they have a new goal, which is to think about closing a stage.

We’re excited. We have many months planning the shows in Mexico City. The Arena CDMX is the best venue for concerts in the capital. We want to do well on May 20 with an ambitious visual proposal. Trying to start and close a stage to start with a new album”, Mario Domm mentioned in a talk with some media, including 24 HOURS.

For Pablo Hurtado, guitarist of the band, the time of confinement served to forge the path of the band since he helped them with the new compositions.

We did shows out of inertia and until this happened it made us reflect. It made more sense to us of what we do since tomorrow we don’t know if we will be there. He rocked us to write songs other than changes in life. It reflects what the next album will be,” he added.

The songs that they will present will cover part of their career and anticipate that there will be themes that have not been played in a long time.

Camila returned to the stage in August 2021 alongside Sin Bandera and will now perform individual shows in Mexico (CDMX, Monterrey and Guadalajara), Peru, Venezuela and the United States.

Although we did virtual concerts, it is not the same as seeing our fans face to face. Making music feeds our soul and gives us life”, added Hurtado

Camila started his career in the early 2000s with the single Abrazame and from there her career had an important rise. That is why to celebrate these two decades they will do a special tour that will travel from New York to Buenos Aires, according to Domm.

Besides that they promise that the next LP will have power. “We’re making a chilling record and the songs are super powerful. We talk about love and heartbreak but from another point. In addition to the fact that it is designed for larger stages, ”shared Mario.

Similarly, the singer shared that since his entry into music they have been very committed to doing honest work.

Each album is a compilation of songs and we leave honesty. We have tried to be
extremely consistent. That’s why it took us so long because to write you have to live” says Pablo.

Finally, they took stock of what they have experienced over these two decades as a group and agree that they still do not know the impact of their music, but they are aware that they have been part of many stories.

“I see stories that we have been a part of directly and indirectly as it becomes part of people’s lives. We look forward to many more years. We see ourselves as a solid band,” Pablo added.

We love to share with people. Come on, we have fun, we don’t focus on the lists. We are more fun than ever and we are more mature. It is still a compromised game”, concluded Mario.

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