Camilo and Alejandro Sanz announce their premiere NASA

The Colombian singer Camilo and the Spanish Alejandro Sanz announced that on Thursday, June 16, they will premiere NASA, their song together.

In a short video, the singers appear one night on the shore of a beach in front of a campfire and ask a person for forgiveness.

Sorry for thinking things that are not, it’s that before you my heart turned to shit,” Camilo sings.

That’s why I apologize, none of this is your fault, I don’t want our future to be destroyed by my past,” Alejandro Sanz continues.

I would like to have a button on my chest, to erase the memory of the heart”, they sing together.

The Colombian singer expressed that he is glad to have arrived in Spain yesterday and to be able to tell this news to his fans. He claims that the song is “another proof that dreams do come true.”

This is the second song by Camilo that he publishes after announcing the premiere of his album and his tour Inside pa outside.

The young man affirmed that this album keeps the songs that he wrote waiting for the arrival of his daughter Indigo and describes them as “the best songs I have written in my life”.

When he announced the release of his album, he told his fans that NASA would release in June. “In July, Nature. In August, Alaska. And at some point between all this, the documentary El Primer Tour de Mi vida”.

Camilo recently revealed on the Spanish program El Hormiguero how the collaboration with Sanz had come about.

The last time I was here, you lent me the guitar that was very cool and that Alejandro Sanz had given you. He must have watched the show and his manager must have contacted my manager. He is a friend of my father-in-law and of the family but we had never arranged, “he explained.

He said that he believes that the Spanish singer saw that program because he gave him a guitar and attended one of his concerts with his family.

We talked and I told him that one day we would do a collaboration. He told me that too and that’s how we started talking more and more, we became really good friends and we recorded a song together,” he said.

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