Camilo & Grupo Firme launch “Alaska”

Every day we get closer to the release of “De adentro pa’ afuera”, Camilo Echeverry’s third album. And with that, we hear more singles and collaborations from the Colombian singer-songwriter.

This Thursday, Camilo released the sixth advance of this record production. This is “Alaska”, the Colombian’s first collaboration with the very popular Mexican music band Grupo Firme.


More than 15,300 people tuned into Camilo’s YouTube channel to watch the video premiere.

The song talks about a man who is, as they would say in Colombia, with a tusa, that is to say, a spite, which makes him invoke the usual signal: “up, down, to the center and inside”, to forget that person. that broke his heart.

The song begins with a tuba, which instantly transports us to the sound of Grupo Firme. The accordion, an instrument that Colombia and Mexico share in popular music, also plays an important role throughout the song.

The lyrics have puns, which makes the theme have a funny story, which although it talks about spite and revolves around alcohol, it is impossible not to let out a laugh with the resolution of the verses.

Eduin Caz, the first voice we hear on the single, says “today they asked me what my favorite beer was / and I answered, and I answered / to be kissed by her little mouth”.

To which Camilo, referring to another drink, replies “then they told me there is no beer, how do you like tequila? / I said rested, I said rested / But rested in his little bed”.

The surprise comes when they make reference to Alaska and it turns out that it is not that they are both going to the United States state, but rather… “they say that I should move to another place to see if I stop thinking about you”, says Camilo, “I am going to ‘Alaska, I’m going to Alaska / But to the canteens to forget you’, he closes.

The song was composed and produced by Camilo and Edgar Barrera.

As usual, Evaluna Montaner, Camilo’s wife, directed the video clip of the song. The singer and actress also makes a special appearance in the audiovisual.

The other singles from “De adentro pa’ afuera”

Camilo’s third album has songs like “Índigo”, with which they announced that they would have his first-born and that it was the first single that he released from the album. This song is performed with his wife, Evaluna.

Later came “Nightmare”, a song in which he recounts a dream he had in which his wife is with someone else.

2022 arrives and with that the birth of “Índigo” and with the event, the song “Pegao”, a song in which Camilo talks about how he wants to be with her baby, stuck to her all day.

Then he surprised us with his first collaboration with Alejandro Sanz, a dream that he said in various interviews that he had since he was little. That song is “NASA”.

And the fifth single that he released from the album was “Nature”, another collaboration in which Camilo and Nicki Nicole celebrate being authentic, without labels, and the pride of recognizing each other honestly.

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