The Colombian artist has sung one of the new songs from his album before it comes out.

We admit it: we still haven’t recovered from Camilo’s LOS40 Stage. The Colombian artist has moved us with his acoustic performance from one of the most magical rooftops in Madrid: that of the ME hotel in Plaza Santa Ana.

Only a lucky few have been able to enjoy Camilo’s fabulous live show this Wednesday, June 15, with the rooftops of Madrid in the background. The singer, who is in our country on tour, has stopped his agenda to be the protagonist of our latest LOS40 Stage. A dream evening where Camilo has performed some of his greatest hits such as Tutu, Baby, Vida de Rico or Indigo.

But if there has been a moment that the fans were not expecting, it was, without a doubt, when he sang one of his new songs for the first time. Camilo has taken advantage of this special space to show some of his fans one of the most special songs on his new album. In fact, it is so special that it gives the album its name. We are talking about Inside Pa Outside.

Although we have only heard the acoustic version, everything indicates that it is a beautiful pop ballad with the most romantic lyrics. And we can’t get the words he says out of our heads.

“When something happens, first the mind understands it, they say that the heart takes time, but in the end it understands it”, Camilo began singing. “And I’m in that process and even if I’m on the boat I drown, because I scream at my chest, but the heart turns deaf”, he has continued singing.

It was then that he sang the chorus and the attendees were left speechless:

If you want, I’ll take it out from the inside to the outside, so you can explain to him, that you’re the owner. Let’s see if he listens to you and the page turns. Tell him that you don’t feel the same way about me anymore, tell him that we’re not together and that you’re happy, tell him there’s someone who came into your life, but I hope it’s a lie. Because if that’s the case, even though you’ve already killed me, I’ll die again.”

We can’t wait to listen to the full version, to put it on a loop and have some good and beautiful tears. What a beautiful thing!

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