Camilo spreads his happiness to more than 8,000 people in Palma

The singer Camilo spread his happiness last night to more than 8,000 people in Palma.

Hundreds of the singer’s followers gathered at the gates of Son Fusteret to applaud one of the most relevant promises on the music scene in recent years.

The show, scheduled for 10:00 p.m. this past Tuesday, started a little late.

Camilo jumped on stage a few minutes later than expected without shoes and dressed in white.

Songs such as ‘Kesi’ or ‘Expensive Clothes’ opened the show, where there were many children in the audience. Some of them were very excited to see their favorite artist in person.

One song is done in the company of his wife Eva Luna and they sing ‘For the first time’. Camilo acknowledges being completely in love with his wife and with his kisses they drive the public crazy.

Musician, singer, composer and a lover of instruments. This is how Camilo Echevery presents himself, the Colombian artist who has managed to revolutionize the current panorama of pop music.

After winning the Factor X program in Colombia in 2007, Camilo decides to release his first debut album ‘Give me your heart’ and, two years later, ‘Traffic of feelings’.

Both great successes in his native Colombia and in practically all the countries of Latin America.

His impeccable ability to compose together with that voice full of sensitivity has served him to achieve international fame.

Thanks to the presentation in 2020 of his first album with worldwide distribution, ‘For the first time’, he has managed to sneak into the top positions of the most representative lists in the world such as the Billboard chart in the United States.

More than five billion reproductions and a Latin Grammy in 2020 already endorse him as one of the greatest exponents of the musical pop style.

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