Carlos Vives releases a new album… a true legacy of his musical roots

Carlos Vives launches the second part of ‘Cumbiana‘, a work that bets on the shaping of rhythms through diversity.

Carlos Vives presents his fifteenth studio album —‘Cumbiana II’—, the second part of a work that he has been commissioned to bring closer to the most legendary harmonies of his native Colombia to deliver rhythm, tradition and heart.

With the participation of Latin American artists such as: Fito Paez, Ricky Martin, Pedro Capó and more, a proposal has been put together that exposes a musical journey through the amphibian cultures of Colombia, as well as ‘Cumbiana I‘ – the first part of this work that commitment to diversity.

Breaking with tradition, Carlos Vives shares in an interview from Mexico City for Forbes Life, that the most emblematic thing in the development of this project was learning to create new harmonies contemplating the legacy of “what our ancestors left us.”

“What Cumbiana shows is diversity and how we can connect with the world from that amphibious territory through music.” says Carlos Vives.

The line of the pieces of the new album is experienced as the possibility of continuing to tell stories inspired by the harmonies of unknown territories that exist within Colombia, “of communities where yes, the vallenato was born, but where you also find new rhythms through rivers. that contain musical roots”.

Cumbiana shows the impetus to connect the rhythms that live in different communities within Colombia, rhythms that “our ancestors left us” and that through these rivers “we are getting to know to connect and create new songs.”

The connection is made when the mission to create through diversity is established. “Everything is connected, you will find in this album Andean bambucos, llaneros, new songs made through the vallenatos”.

In a world where differences and social paradigms do not contribute to transcending generations, where we see a tired world, Carlos Vives, through his song ‘Babel’ shows us a call to account for the importance of learning to live in community. ‘Babel’ is a piece composed by Vives to which he gives a special meaning. It is a theme that also pays homage to Argentine rock and features the participation of Fito Paez.

I wrote a song called Babel and I realized how difficult it is for people to agree, the differences we have created between us, the impossibility of recognizing each other. I write that song and I sing it with Fito Paez, I pay homage to Argentine rock but at the same time I make a reflection… I come from a completely magical place, but completely mistreated. We live in our differences”.

Cumbiana has allowed the singer-songwriter to create pieces that share a legacy through melodies with romantic rhythms and even others with harmonies “that invite us to dance”, breaking with the traditional idea of ​​”tropi pop“—as fusion is commonly called of pop music with the tropical–.

Finally, new styles are being created and transformed. “Now, once again, a Colombian pop, a Latin American pop that really is no longer exactly a copy of another pop, something from our roots already exists that is making it natural, different.

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