Cassiie Melinda LaMezcla Mami

Q: What is your alias or the name you like to be called by?
A: Cassie Melinda or Cassandra

Q: What is your nationality? 
A: Scottish and Puerto Rican

Q: Are you a full time model? 
A: No im a part time model I have a full time job.

Q: What do you like to do on your time off away from modeling?
A: I like to go out with my girls I like to go shopping Im a very outgoing person so anything fun im down to do.

Q: What type of music do you like to listen to? 
A: I like everything except Rock and Country I LOVE House Music.

Q: As a model what role does music play in your life?
A: Music actually keeps me calm if im being moody or it gets me Hyped if im tired.

Q: Name 3 qualities about yourself that you think make guys look twice
when walking down the street?
A: Big Butt, Long Dark Hair, Cute smile :).

Q: Do you consider yourself a freak in the sheets? 
A: Guess that lucky guy is going to need to find out 🙂 and I might say so myself lol.

Q: As a professional model that does traveling what kind of guys are
you attraction? 
A: I like confident men that take control , I hate men that let me walk all over them and someone taller than me.

Q: What are 3 qualities in guys that make you melt? 
A: confidence, takes control, Tall and Handsome.

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