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New zodiac astrology advice for all you believers out there! –Courtesy of Eli ( Lifestyle Blogger)

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I know the Grammy’s were last week but I can’t keep my mind off of J. Lo 43 years old and still looking AMAZING… What do you guys think about J. Lo’s dress last week?  

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  Holidays are always a little stressful when it comes to the “what to wear” department, especially when invited to a corporate cocktail party or family get together. I’m here to help. Personally years ago I was guilty for always being over-dressed or under-dressed. I have learned my lesson. As a woman when attending a …

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Check out the New Jordan’s XX8’s that are coming out soon. Do you think these shoes worth $250.00?

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“Your presentation of yourself shows your level of respect for her” Life is all about making connections and meeting new people. One connection that is and should be sacred is the one between man and woman. A first date is a special. It is your time to make a first big impression. All the butterflies inside of you while trying …

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Mind Over Body

It’s striking today, how in a relationship, a woman’s mind is a non factor in 2012. Since the up coming of Video Vixens, Facebook and Instagram, women are more focused on trying to impress you with their bodies than interest you with their minds. You can pretty much find a beautiful face or body anywhere …

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Ed Fall Wedding Post

“Clothes and manners do not make the man; but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.”- Arthur Ashe   I attended a fall wedding this past weekend. Love was present and so was fashion. The women complimented the fall season by wearing different metallic colors, and the men proved to be masculine yet …

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Men Accessories

  Fashion trends change every single week across this Earth, but it seems the same styles pop back up every few years. Unlike “trends” certain classic styles are timeless. Lately I’ve been a little obsessed with watches and jewelry.. for men. Not going to lie Drake said “this watch is a 150” in his new, …

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Dressing up for Halloween is not “childish” or just for kids.  Whether you are passing out candy or going to a Halloween Bash a costume is definitely encouraged.  Dress up, get out there and have a blast. If you follow me on any social networks you’ll know I have an unhealthy obsession with Gangnam Style …

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After a few days of “trend watching” I was able to find one trend I completely love. Fur. Yes, fur. For several years I have always wanted to wear some fur, FAUX fur, but never found an “occasion” where I wouldn’t look crazy. Fashion is meant to stand out and this season you can stand …

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Halloween is most definitely one of my favorite holidays! Remember Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas” ?? Best. Movie. Ever. Anyway. Back to fashion. To celebrate and prolong the Halloween spirit let’s incorporate some Spook into our daily wear. Trendy blouse with skulls is a personal favorite. Skeleton blouses or heels are definitely going to draw …

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Jennifer Lopez Braid Hair

Let’s take a quick break from clothes. Dressing up the simple braid is the hair style for this season. A plain simple French braid for the work place. “A pulled-back braid looks strong in the front while being feminine in the back,” says Luigi Murenu, John Frieda global creative consultant. For a more professional look …

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It is hard to think about Fall Fashion Trends when it is still sunny out! Gentlemen have been contacting me via my socials concerning more fashion tips in their direction! In the Fall and Winter everyone seems to grab the habit of wearing darker colors. The fashion experts are keeping the colors out throughout Fall. …

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“Hoodie Season” is coming! How exciting! Fall is definitely my favorite time of year. Spotted as a Fall 2012 Trend Alert are large, comfortable and bold knits! Don’t worry these aren’t your grandmothers knit sweaters. Who says you can not be trendy and comfy? These large knit sweaters seen on the runway have bold, strong …

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So… while browsing the internet for fashion week clips I fell absolutely in love with Zippers. A new style that is blossoming throughout fashion week and across fashion sites including are the use of ZIPPERS as hair accessories. Keep your hair simple, maybe a few curls, but loose and free with a zipper hair …

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