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Mehr Eliezer

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Mehr Eliezer is a 23 year old singer and model. She was born in New Delhi, India where she lives for her first 4 years before moving to a town in the south of the Philippines named Davao City. She started taking dancing classes in the Philippines and it was where she fell in love …

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When you encounter Emny Castillo for the very first time, never in a million years would you expect such grace and talent within her curvy frame. The name Emny Castillo compliments her character as the way she crafts all of her many talents. She is excited to collaborate with other promotional models, photographers, casting agents, …

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Hello and welcome to my page! My name is Alba and you have obviously clicked on my page cz u liked what u seen!..ok a lil info I have been interested in modeling for a loong time now but I really got into it about a year ago and that year has been a trip …

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