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Top 10 Top 10 Right Now List 3/6/2020

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Another week another Top 10, here is our new Top 10 Right Now List just in time to get your weekend started. The list has no order they’re all songs that we have been playing this week or adding to our playlist. So check out the list and let us know what songs you have …

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Check out our Top 10 Right Now List on the top 10 tracks that we think are hot right now. There is no order to the list because all of the tracks are 🔥 and it is probably the only playlist with the top of both Hip Hop and Latin. Check out the list and …

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Check out our list for June’s Top 10 Songs for 2018 Week #1.

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Check out our Top 10 Latin Christmas list with some of our favorite Christmas songs. 1. Jose Feliciano Feliz Navidad 2.Hector Lavoe Aires De Navidad 2. El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, “La Fiesta de Pili” 3. Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe, “Vive Tu Vida Contento” 4. Jose Alberto “El Canario,” “Quiero Salsa en Navidad” …

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2015 has been an amazing year in music to say the least. This year is being known as the beginning of a brand new era in music. Music has become more accepted in every household. People have began to follow their passion in music and get their work out to the public. Those who didn’t …

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