Celebrity Make UP Artist Kevin Kiadii Speaks MakeUP

Aside from being my friend and my personal make up artist Kevin has done make up to tons of amazing beautiful models! and I have front row seat to experience what it is to work with Kevin one on one here is a little bit about this amazing celebrity make up artist that has taken instagram by storm with his edgy and bold techniques.

My persona as a Makeup Artist, is to help empower women to be confident with themselves. Wanting to wear makeup consist of great skincare. Exfoliating and cleansing your skin on a regular basis is essential. And if you have vibrant radiant skin, there is no way that you should feel doubt about yourself.

I’ve worked with a wide range of celebrities.(which I am great full for to only be 27 years old) Amazing people like Joan Rivers, Vin Diesel, Marie Anntoinette, Gasteneau Girls, Yandy Smith, and the list goes on. Ive also worked with a lot of executive producers and journalist from NBC news, Vh1, and MTV.

I started out with my own business with Mary Kay Cos. I took $1,300 and bought inventory (at 19years old) and went on a role! For two years I enjoyed Mark Kay Cos. I was fortunate to get hands on training from women who were Millionaires in the company. Then I decided to elevate ahead to Es’tee Lauder, working for Mac and Clinique cos. Working with Mac was epic for me. It was fun, colorful, and paid great! I learned so much and had the ability to work with amazing people. I worked with Es’tee for 3 ½ years. Then a great friend of mine introduced me to ICP (International Center of Photography). I’ve been with ICP for 3 years now and I don’t think I would ever leave. I have learned so much about photography as I am giving makeovers to models, dancers, teachers, even actors. Having shoots with world known photogrphers. Going into the gutters of NYC and arranging settings for high fashion shoots. I absolutely love makeup and all of its perks.

I would say ten years from now, I see myself as a artist know all over the world. I also see myself having a agency for makeup artist who are skilled and have a strong passion for there craft. I also want to start a charity that would help children in Liberia, West Africa suffering from starvation and proper clothing. I see that my life has many surprises and I’m ready to take on what ever comes my way.

Thers’s so much going on this year, I don’t know where to start. Right now I’ve been mainly in the Vh1 cirlcle. There’s lots of opportunity with Vh1 for growth. Theres NBA All Star weekend, New York Fashion week, LEA Awards, IED Awards amd much more!!!!!!

I am inspired by many great people. Beyonce, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston……. But my main inspiration is the Lord Jesus Christ! I pray to him and he blesses me continuously. I cant forget my groundings. When I wake up in the morning, just the thought of him is my Folders in my cup.

When I started learning how to apply makeup, it was pre-youtube. I had to take notes during sessions, and enhance my photographic memory. In other words, Take advantage of every opportunity you have. Always leave time and space for growth. Always show people that you are willing to learn as well. Humble people are the be to be around. Don’t forget to Blend, Blend, Blend!!!!!

There’s nothing wrong with self-taught Makeup artist. They’re just as special and amazing as a artist who went to school. I would just say, make sure you learn from different artist and master craft. You may have to fake it to make it in the beginning but wanting to be the best should be your motive. So learn from what you didn’t know and master it. Im never satisfied unless I have a happy client.

I absolutely love Mac Cos. I love there full coverage powders mainly. I’m constantly working in front of cameras applying makeup on others, myself as well, so I need studio and HD makeup for my clients. NYX, Revlon, and Loreal are wonderful products that I use on a daily basis that give flawless finishes.

I don’t only work with models. But one of my favorites, is project runways winner Rayuana Aleyce. She is flawless down to her walk, looks, and personality. She’s always prepaired for her makeup applications and even gives me face when im contouring. I would consider her a Epic model.


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