Chayanne says “Te Amo y Punto”

After four years away from the world of music, Chayanne returns with his new single. The 54-year-old singer delivered part of his new song called “Te Amo y Punto.”

Through social networks, the Puerto Rican delivered a preview of his next video clip, which caused expectation on the part of his fans, who have waited carefully for his return.

If one thing is clear in the world of music, it is that Chayanne is one of the most important singers on the international scene, and that he marked a before and after in the industry. His dances, songs and charisma have made the singer get into the pocket of fans from all over the world.

You can now reserve my song“ Te Amo Y Punto ”to be among the first to listen to it“, he indicated on his Instagram account. This is the artist’s first single after “Di Que Sentens Tú“, released four years ago.

With more than 50 million records sold worldwide, something that not all singers can boast of, he is one of the Latin artists with the highest sales and has established himself as an exclusive figure. And it is that, the beginnings of it date back several decades, until now that it is still in force.

After a long break in his artistic career, whose last release was ‘Di Qué Sientes Tú‘ in May 2018, the Puerto Rican singer has announced that he will return to music in style.

The interpreter has communicated it through his social networks with a couple of promotional videos. In both clips you can see fragments of what would be the video clip of his next song, but without music, just listening to the blinking beat of a heart and a succession of the most summery images; and at the end you can read the following: “Chayanne is back.

Chayanne is an artist who is always full of surprises. A few weeks ago he appeared on his Instagram climbing a ladder in which he left us wondering what was at the end of it. And the truth is that the Latin singer did not clarify anything about it, but everyone thought of the theory that he could point to a new project. The last time we saw him on stage was on his “Desde El Alma Tour“, which had to be canceled due to Covid-19.

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