China National Orchestra tweaks Latin music


Musicians from the China National Orchestra used Chinese musical instruments to breathe new life into the music of Latin American and Caribbean countries on Sunday.

An integration of Chinese and Latin American music. Twenty songs of differing music styles all blended beautifully under the baton of renowned conductor Chen Xieyang. He’s conducted major halls around the world including the Musikverein in Vienna and the Berlin Philharmonie. He says Sunday’s concert was the first time a concert featuring the traditional music from so many countries has filled the National Center for the Performing Arts.

“The music of Latin American countries is very lively and bright. I think that goes with their national character. With the help of some percussion instruments from those countries, Chinese music can manage to demonstrate the music style,” Chen said.

It took the organiser almost eight months to make the concert happen. From music selection, to adaptation and rehearsal, the China National Orchestra’s bold interpretation gave the seemingly exotic foreign music a new sound.

The concert also featured artists from Latin American and Caribbean countries. Sankofa Danza is a dance troupe from Colombia. They have been in China for over a month and have visited and performed at numerous venues in Beijing. Working with the China National Orchestra, the Colombians were inspired by the sounds of Chinese instruments.

“We get to know pipa and guzheng, instruments that I have never seen in Colombia. Their music is wonderful,” Danza said. “And we also learn about Chinese drums. Although drums from Colombia and China are a little different, we can still feel that there are always something in common in between.”

The concert concludes the month-long 2014 “Meet In Beijing” Arts Festival.

–Courtesy of CCTV (China)

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