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Chito Rock


Q: Where did the name “Chitorock” come from? 
A: Well, the origin of my name is deep rooted. My mother dubbed me “Machito”, because of a very close family member had a similar nickname. My name evolved during my teen aged years in the streets.

Q: As a Hispanic artist that has come in the game and worked hard for what you have, how do you feel knowing all your hard work is paying off?
A: I feel blessed that my music is being acknowledged by my peers and my fans. When you work so hard in the lab; you kinda are oblivious to the effect that it has. As a Hispanic urban artist, it’s difficult for most to create a product that can cross into different markets. But, with my experiences and talent, it has been a seamless transition. I just go to work and create my sound. For me, it has been no effort to materialize hot tracks, with my influences, into the work that i have been producing. So the success feels warranted.

Q: As an artist that was given the opportunity to become the opening act for many artists like Hector “El Father”, Tego Calderon, Nina Sky, Zion y Lennox, Don Omar and many others how do you feel getting the opportunity to be the main event? 
A: It gave me a taste of what i am striving for.

Q: How do you feel being able to say that you performed at the Dominican Festival in Washington Heights in NYC? 
A:Those parades and festivals are events that i hold near and dear. They are windows that let you look into and interact with the actual fans that listen to the music that we Hispanic artists create. Also,having the opportunity to have a stage in front of your own culture is just a absolute blessing.

Q: What point in your life did you realize music was what you wanted to do? 
A: I can’t even recall an instant in my life that i didn’t want to pursue a musical career. When i was a kid, i would perform songs in front of family and friends. But, one moment that i can say, that i wanted to make something out of my thoughts, was the day i wrote “Yo qiuero beber.” I was in a hooky party at my childhood friend’s apartment, in the Douglas Housing Projects. We started a cipher and I killed the song. My last bar was yo qiuero beber. That night i grabbed an old dusty stone notebook and got it in. That song actually made a mixtape that my friend DJ Paz made. The rest is history. So, i can actually say that music has always been my passion since childhood.

Q: We know that your an urban artist but personally what music genre do you listen to? 
A: Wow! I listen to everything. I consider myself a student of music. I have 50, Biggie, LL-Cool J, Keith Sweat, Twisted Sister, MC Suzy, DJ AM, Earth Wind & Fire, etc… I have every genre in my ipod. Well, not everything because i don’t have Polka. Hahahaha.. But, right now i can’t stop listening to mixtapes. In the last 3years there have been some good underground artists that have gone to explode.

Q: As an artist yourself that has met many different artist which is your favorite out of all? 
A:When i was working at a high end clothing boutique; i had the privilege to meet and speak to many artists. The one that stands out for me was 50Cent.

Q: Which artist do you keep in touch with on a personal basis? 
A:I have many artists that I keep in touch with. But, one in particular is Prince Royce.

Q: Have you ever thought of crossing over into another genre for a Hit Siingle? 
A: Well, all my songs are from different genres. So, just pick one and place it in any market and watch it cross over.

Q:. What do you like best about Latin Online Magazine? creates a stage and avenue for artists/acts that normally wouldn’t be seen. The niche your website has created is definitely my favorite quality. Your website filled a void that wasn’t apparent.

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