Chris Alfinez Q&A

Q:  Of all the Artists you have worked with, which Artists do you still stay in connection with on a personal basis? Not very many at all because everyone is so busy.  But George LaMond and I speak every so often.  He’s always been helpful whenever I have questions about anything, especially pertaining to the industry.


Q: For many, Salsa is a Genre that is fading into the past.  With your unique style do you believe you can keep it alive? Absolutely!  But I don’t see Salsa as something that’s a thing of the past.  It’s only taken a “break” because new styles have emerged.  I do believe that much of it has to do with Radio wanting to play Salsa from new artists.  Everyone has to contribute to bring Salsa back to where it should be.


Q: Who are your top favorite Latin Artist?  Wow. There are so many because each has a different style.  Frankie Ruiz, Herman Oliveras, Cristian Castro, Marc Anthony, David Bisbal, El Gran Combo, Puerto Rican Power……..just to name a few.


Q: You have been in front of different large audiences around the world.  What goes through your mind and how do you prepare for your shows?  I pray for all the musical elements of the show to work.  (hahaha!!) On the real, I always pray that God will give me the ability to give 150% vocally, mentally and spiritually prior to hitting the stage.  Also, I try to do the least amount of talking possible to preserve my voice.  Tea with honey does wonders as well.


Q: In this business we get very few days off.  When you get time to get away what do you do on your time off?  I’m a devoted father and love to spend time with my kids.  Also, Baseball is my ultimate passion outside of music, so I play as much as I can.


Q: You worked as a backup singer in the past now you’re on the road of your solo career. What artist do you plan on working with in the future?  I would love to work with Leslie Grace.  I think we could really do a great duet together.  Also, Carlos Santana. 


Q: Many Salsa Groups and Solo artists come and go.  What can you say makes you different?  I incorporate a bit of R&B into the vocals, but I’m very adamant about the content of Salsa “Swing” in my music.  So I tend to let my band show their stuff because without a band, there’s really no impact. 


Q: Every artist has a dream/goal, such as having a sold out concert at Madison Square Garden.   What is your dream/goal?  Mine has two parts.  Short term:  to be able to achieve worldwide success.  Long term:  Longevity.  I don’t want to fall in the “come and go” category.  To be able to perform 10-20 years from now to a sell-out crowd would be a blessing. 


Q: If you would have never followed you musical roots what else would you be doing besides working with music?  I spent most of my “alternate” career in the corporate world, so I guess I would be doing that. 


Q: We see a lot of potential in your work and how talented you are.  Where do you see your music career going in a couple of years?  I appreciate that very much.  Hopefully, I will have recorded a few albums and become a household name in that time.  It’s very important that the public remembers you and/or at least one song.  That’s when you know you’ve made an impact.


Q: What do you like best about LaMezcla.comThat’s an easy one. introduces new artists (like Chris Alfinez J ) to the public in a direct and professional manner.  It also creates the opportunity to get to know that artist on a more intimate and personal level as well as professionally. 

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