Christian Nodal will compete with Belinda in POP GENRE!

Christian Nodal said he accused Belinda’s mother to defend himself, because he said he wants to heal and clear his name.

The singer defends the success he has had despite what Belinda’s family has spoken about him, because even after her breakup he has released several singles.

Christian Nodal also revealed if his songs are dedicated to Belinda, and now he showed a preview of a melody that seemed to go by the pop rhythm.

Along with musician Luca Loko he previewed his next single, which could be Belinda’s competition. We show you how it sounds.

Now it will be Belinda’s competition; Christian Nodal advanced the single he is working on and it seems to have pop tones, will he leave the Mexican regional?

When Christian Nodal was about to release ‘Aguardiente’ he had already advanced a bit of this song, but apparently he is still working on it.

The song, whose name and release date are unknown, appears to be a musical experiment with pop and electronic tones.

This is worked together with Luca Loko and Piero. This is what the next song from the successful young Grammy winner sounds like.

Christian Nodal will release a new single with pop tones, and although it is unknown if he will completely leave the Mexican region, there is already a preview of the next hit.

Making the competition to Belinda, Christian Nodal revealed part of what would be his next pop song.

And as expected, the singer was again inspired by love and sings about a woman who was taken from him, although he will fight for her love.

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