Christina Aguilera continues to shine with the latest songs she has released and which belong to her EP, La Fuerza. A six-song work in Spanish that she released in 2022 and is a tribute to her paternal roots and to Latin music. Among them is La Reina, of which she has released a video clip.

La Reina is an empowering song, like all the ones that La Fuerza contains, and it has a very characteristic Mexican Latin sound: the ranchera. The theme closes the EP making a reply to the famous song by Vicente Fernández, El rey. “Although you are still the king, you were left without the queen,” says one of his verses. She demonstrates, as the name of her latest work says, a lot of her strength, transmitting it through that powerful and characteristic voice of Christina Aguilera.

On Friday, May 6, the singer wanted to launch a video clip of La Reina perfectly capturing that feeling that she wanted to convey. With red hair and a dress ready to wear, Christina Aguilera takes inspiration from the Latin to interpret this ranchera surrounded by a band of Mexican artists. It’s hard to take your eyes off the video because, although it’s simple, the overwhelming force of the 2000s pop diva captivates you.


This song is the last of the six that make up La Fuerza, an EP entirely in Spanish with which she wanted to pay homage to her paternal side, who is Ecuadorian. “It is something much more challenging than facing a record in English, of course, but I have done everything possible to have the best teachers and people to help me with certain dialects, because one of the most interesting things about Spanish is that, in each place where it is practiced, it is spoken differently,” confessed Christina Aguilera in the Los Angeles Times in Spanish.

La Fuerza also has two collaborations that already have their respective video clips and that bring together several of the most relevant voices in urban music. On the one hand, Pa Mis Niñas is the union of Christina Aguilera with Nathy Peluso, Becky G and Nicki Nicole in an empowered theme, while Santo is the song that she sings with Ozuna.

Surely it is not the last time this year that we see the singer release music since she plans to release more compilations. “I’m going to be releasing new music until the end of 2022, and I’m actually doing it in three different chapters that will be like mini albums.

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