It was in November 2021 that Christina Aguilera announced her return to music in Spanish. The above, with a live performance at the Latin Grammy 2021, in which she dominated the stage of the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, hand in hand with Becky G, Nicky Nicole and Nathy Peluso.

For the occasion, the artists performed the song ‘Pa’ mis chicas’, one of her first releases of this new stage in her musical career.

Aguilera‘ is the title of the singer’s first album in Spanish in more than 20 years. Previously, in 2000, she released ‘My reflection’ with a list of songs in that language.

As she expressed in a statement, with these new compositions, she seeks to “honor her Latin roots and her family heritage, which represent a source of pride and inspiration.”

It must be remembered that the interpreter has Ecuadorian ancestry on her father’s side.



But the surprise of her new musical creation came on the last day of May, when the singer premiered a ranchero theme by one of the most important artists of this genre, Christian Nodal.

Both had very well kept this collaboration, which is entitled ‘Whenever I feel like it‘.

The composition premiered on the night of May 31 on digital platforms such as YouTube and Spotify. In the first of them, it accumulates, at the moment, more than 98 thousand reproductions.

The lyrics of the song by Christian Aguilera and Christian Nodal are about the end of a relationship, in which the interpreters assure that they will get over the loved one when they decide to do so. Some of its lines are:

I’m going to stop loving you when I feel like it / I’m going to rip you out of my skin when I feel like it (…) And if you go, you go, you go, you go, you go, you go, you leave, /Well, good luck to you / Because all in all, to suffer, to cry / I don’t need you anymore”.

So far, this theme does not have a music video and the artists mentioned have not commented to the press if they plan one.

The collaboration was well received by the fans of both artists, as expressed on social networks. Only on Twitter, some commented that it was surprising to hear them together, while others pointed out that it is a “delight” to have both voices on the same track.


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