Coldplay sings ‘The Song’ by J Balvin and Bad Bunny during a concert in Colombia

The moment Chris Martin began to sing ‘The Song’, the thousands of attendees began to sing it; the moment went viral.

The Music of the Spheres tour, by Coldplay, has been surprising in different aspects, because in addition to trying to make it friendly to the environment, they have sung songs by artists from the country in which they perform, such as when they played Amor Eterno de Juan Gabriel in the Foro Sol, which surprised more than one.

This Friday, the British group appeared in Bogotá, Colombia at the El Campín stadium, where in addition to presenting a great show, they surprised the attendees by singing a song by J Balvin and Bad Bunny, called precisely ‘La Canción’.

The group led by Chris Martin performed this Friday, September 16, in Bogotá, on the first of its two dates agreed for Colombia.

The concert was taking place normally, since they had already played some of their greatest hits such as ‘Higher Power’ and ‘The Scientist’, when the moment came when Martin approached the piano to play and sing ‘Up&Up’.

The surprise came when he began to sing the chorus of ‘La Canción’, a song performed by the Colombian J Balvin accompanied by Bad Bunny, the most important urban artist today, with the best Spanish he could pronounce.

It was through social networks that that moment went viral thanks to the different videos that were broadcast by those attending the concert, who could not help but accompany the vocalist singing the theme of the Colombian and the Puerto Rican.

‘La Canción’ was released on August 2, 2019 as the first single from their collaborative album Oasis. It reached number one in Mexico and the United States, and appeared on the lists of countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Spain and Paraguay. The authors, in addition to José and Benito, were Alejandro Ramírez and Jose Arroyo.

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