Complaint by a participant of La Voz Argentina against Mau y Ricky: “They grabbed me”

A participant of La Voz Argentina launched a strong accusation against Mau y Ricky, children of Ricardo Montaner and jurors of the Telefe singing reality show. What happened and what complaint are they facing?

The final of La Voz Argentina ended in pure controversy. And as if that were not enough, in the last hours, a participant denounced Mau y Ricky, the musicians and children of Ricardo Montaner who served as jurors of the successful Telefe program.

According to what Julia Ferrón, a participant from Arrecifes (Buenos Aires Province), indicated, she suffered mistreatment by the singers. It all started after a return made by the brothers. She stopped them and told them, as a joke: “Better, not you.”

However, the situation got complicated in the studio, so she warned: “What I told them was a joke! I preferred that Sole talk to me because she had seen him smile from ear to ear while she sang.” In this context, and in dialogue with Radio Uno Arrecifes, the contestant of La Voz Argentina shot: “Mau y Ricky are always on the defensive. And then, they yelled at me to take down the photo that I had taken with them. A lot of childishness for the my age”. And she even maintained that she was removed from the program for making a “bad joke.”

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