‘Cuban Fury’ Actor Nick Frost Gets ‘Inspired’ By Latinos For Role (VIDEO)


British actor Nick Frost was always a closet dancer but a couple of years ago he decided to embrace his inner salsero.

Now, he’s not afraid of any dance floor and is even calling out Latina actress Jessica Alba, saying that if he had a choice between Alba and Jennifer Lopez, he’d prefer to dance with Alba hands down.

“Oh absolutely! I’d love to dance salsa with Jessica Alba,” enthused Frost in a video interview with VOXXI.

Frost is the leading man of “Cuban Fury”, a romantic comedy he produced and co-wrote, about a young boy whose passion for salsa is derailed when he’s bullied by a group of boys. The boy then grows up and life — not so subtly — tosses dancing shoes his way again, and he’s forced to rekindle the dancing flame.

“I’ve got fire in my heels,” says Frost as “Bruce” in a scene of the movie. “Yeah, your feet are flames!” raved his on-screen sister “Sam” played by Olivia Colman.

“All the training was hard but the first week I thought ‘why are you doing this?’,” said Frost.
“I couldn’t quite believe what I’d gotten myself into but the more people I met, Cubans living in London and Puerto Ricans and Dominicans, you just saw their passion and how pleased they were that we were making a movie about salsa.”

Frost enlisted the London salsa scene to help him bring passion and truth to Cuban Fury’s dance scenes and claims he felt inspired by the “real dancers.”

“I think when you get a group of Latinos in one room, the amount of energy that comes off them,” said Frost. “If you can’t be inspired by that then, you’re probably dead.”

Frost arduously trained for seven months before filming “Cuban Fury.”

There were days he could barely walk because his feet were bandaged and swollen with sores, but that didn’t stop him from moving to the music of Willie Colon.

In a “Cuban Fury” dance training video his choreographer said, “I know everything there’s to know about Latin dancing and we’re going to make him [Nick Frost] a Latino Machine-o!”

Frost’s “Cuban Fury” will salsa its way into theaters April 11th. Watch the official trailer below.

–Courtesy of The Huffington Post

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