Daddy Yankee Hula Hoop Review

Hula Hoop Daddy Yankee

The Breakdown

Great Track

Lets bring back some reviews and lets start with a good one. A couple of weeks ago Daddy Yankee had released his follow-up single to Shaky Shaky titled Hula Hoop. Now I am a fan of both tracks, they have a very old school feel but with a current sound. Hula Hoop which was mentioned in the Shaky Shaky just took a life of its own after the popularity of Shaky Shaky both the track and music video which you can watch below, trust me you will love it. Daddy who over the years has expanded his talents with new genres and styles of music takes Hula Hoop back to his roots with a very old school feeling such as when Reggaeton was more underground. If there was anything I had against the song is that it does sound a lot like Shaky Shaky at times but this can be a bad or good things to different listeners. Like I said before I am a big fan of this track and I highly recommend it to all of our fans.

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