Daddy Yankee, Latest Victim of Online Gay Rumors


SAN JUAN – Daddy Yankee, the self-proclaimed chief of reggaeton, has become one of the latest victims of rumors about being gay, which from time to time target Latino artists and which, on this occasion, sparked a heated reaction from the singer of the 2004 hit “Gasolina.”

Raymond Ayala had to react when the rumors spread on social networks and a photo went viral of him supposedly kissing another man.

“No empire in history has had more slaves than money, the media and the Internet,” the reggaeton star said on Twitter, where he has almost 5 million followers.

“But there is only one truth: I’m in great health, I’ve had a stable family for 20 years, I’m still successful and I’m a MILLIONAIRE,” the 36-year-old artist said.

Daddy Yankee has people call him the chief of reggaeton because he says he is “the only warrior of the old guard that is still standing,” as he told Efe in an interview years ago.

He wanted to be a professional baseball player, but a bullet wound made him focus on music: “We began creating reggaeton and thank God I’ve remained solid with the public and as the chief,” he said at the time.

Though many theories identify the origin of reggaeton with hip-hop groups that began singing in Spanish in New York and later in Panama, Yankee maintains that “here is where it began. (Puerto Rico) is the cradle, the root.” EFE

–Courtesy of Latin American Herald Tribune

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