Deejay Negrito Weight Lose Q&A

DJ Negrito

DJ Negrito

Q:How much weight have you lost in this whole process?
A:40 -45 pounds in the whole process

Q:How do you feel mentally and physically?
A: I feel way better than before,i feel very confident and can do 95 percent of things i couldn’t do when i was bigger.

Q:Weight loss has become a very big issue for a lot of people, how did you stay focused and manage to lose so much weight?
A: Well it is and it was a difficult task to do. You have to watch your calories and keep yourself busy away from food, and drink a lot of water, and play sport such as basketball or hit the gym to keep yourself busy.

Q:What advice do you have for other people that are trying to reach the same goal that you have?
A:To stay away from fast food and drink a lot of water, try to intake less calories that what you are used to. Also go to the gym at least 3 times a week.

Q:What have you been doing to keep the weight off and continue to lose weight?
A: I been going the gym at least 4 to 5 times a week, and like I mentioned earlier drinking a lot of water actually helps. Stay away from alcohol for a minute.

Q:Are you scared of gaining all the weight back again?
A:I am pretty sure I won’t gain it back, just thinking about the struggle is too much to go through it again. I will stay focused and do gym actives for the rest of my life.

Q:How has this effected your work and DJing skills?
A:It has affected me in a pretty big way. Being a DJ is actually not easy when everyone is offering you drinks at the club and eating right after. Also as a public figure you have to look sharp and in good shape so had to cut that off a long time ago. If I get hungry after the club I just eat an apple or drink juice and save the meal for the morning.

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