That is precisely what Deja Vu is about, despite being about heartbreak again. It is a song with clear influences from Taylor Swift’s Cruel Summer, especially in those fragments in which she literally shouts the verses in the background.

The theme clearly refers to those old customs and patterns that your ex had with you, which she repeats the moment she manages to rebuild her life with a new partner. Again “he drives around Malibu, orders a single-scoop strawberry sundae to share, watches Glee reruns, and swaps jackets” with his new girlfriend.

Interestingly, the line “I’ll bet that she knows Billy Joel ‘Cause you played her Uptown Girl”, that is, the mention of the established pop rock legend during the 1980s, occurred to his producer header, also a composer Dan Nigro, with whom he forms a perfect tandem. They both liked her so much that she stayed that way, not knowing that a year later she would star in a moment that she will not forget for life.

What’s more, the end of this stanza reads as follows: “I bet you even tell her how much you love her between the chorus and the next verse.” And indeed, Olivia does her own thing. Did you notice? It is a whisper so imperceptible that only a few have noticed that detail.

Despite the fact that Deja Vu is not directly dedicated to Billy Joel for obvious reasons, but to Joshua Basett (or, at least, all the evidence points to his name), it is clear that the reference in the subject has been a revolution for her . And it is that a few months ago, the artist curled the curl in the music industry

On August 24, 2022, Olivia Rodrigo was none other than the guest star during Billy Joel’s musical residency at Madison Square Garden in New York. The American singer welcomed the young woman by surprise and, together, they shared one of the most special moments of the evening.

They performed both the 1983 classic Uptown Girl and the 2022 hit Deja Vu. Past and future of music on the same stage. Legend and promise singing mutual hits. Rodrigo’s producer himself alluded to this event, as if a time loop had occurred: “If you sing about Billy Joel, with Billy Joel, at a Billy Joel concert… does that mean we’ve managed to get into the Upside Down?”.

“Because you literally taught her Uptown Girl,” the young woman shared on social media. Almost by chance and thanks to a bitter personal experience. This is how Olivia fulfilled one of her dreams.

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