Demi Lovato has completed her transformation. During the last months of 2021 and the first days of 2022 she has opted for a radical change of life: change her look, change her sobriety, brand new tattoo… And the icing on the cake has come this weekend. funeral week through.

But let everyone be reassured that we do not have to regret any loss. The singer has done it for her pop music, thus completing an era and welcoming a new one with a style closer to rock, just as she has suggested with her next musical project.

“A funeral for my pop music,” wrote the artist surrounded by staff from her rigorous black team as well as her manager Scooter Braun. Contrast the serious and mournful image with the final spirit that Lovato pursued. A musical renaissance in this 2022 in which she has a lot to tell and sing about.

In his stories he has already left a fragment of what his new proposal will be: “Yeah you’re pushing me to the edge / Prod me, lie to me, ungodly things have been sent / Here are your tickets to the freak show baby, sci-fi, watch the freak go crazy” is heard singing over a guitar-heavy rock beat.

At the moment the song does not have a title or release date and we do not have confirmation if it will be an individual release or part of a larger project. For now, what the interpreter has done is delete all the images of her on her Instagram.

In recent years the life of the American singer has taken a thousand turns: from the overdose that she was about to end her life, the rehabilitation, the breakup of her marriage commitment, her musical rebirth, the acceptance of her new sexual condition…

There is no doubt that we are facing a completely different Demi Lovato than the one we knew and the image of her that was built of her from the Disney factory. Demi Lovato now presents a new look. Surely, after everything she has had to overcome and with the end of the rehabilitation cycle, Lovato wanted to leave all those moments behind with a new image. In December 2021, the artist shaved her head and showed it proudly on her social networks. In this way, she slammed the door on 2021 to start 2022 on the right foot.

Or rather with 8 legs, since the artist from New Mexico wanted to dare with something else on her head: she has a large spider tattooed on one side of her head. This is how he has shown it in his Instagram stories and has had the hands of the tattoo artist Dr. Woo for the task And this was the explanation: “It was Grandma Spider who taught us many things. She taught us about ceramics and weaving. She taught us He taught about fire, light and darkness. He taught us that we are all connected in the network, each of us has his place in this world, “explained Demi with a black heart and spider emoji.

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