Did Chiquis get engaged?

Chiquis Rivera published a video on her Instagram account on a romantic date with her boyfriend, the photographer Emilio Sánchez, posting they got engaged, can it be true?

Chiquis denied it during a brief meeting with the press as he passed through the airport.

“I’m not engaged, I don’t know where you guys get so much from,” Chiquis Rivera said, somewhat annoyed at the Ventaneando team.

It should be remembered that Chiquis Rivera and Emilio Sánchez made their romance public in May 2021; however, months before they were dating. The couple met through Becky G, their mutual friend.

Emilio Sánchez is the second boyfriend of Jenni Rivera’s daughter after ending her marriage to Lorenzo Méndez. The first was Mr. Tempo, a businessman and owner of a chain of restaurants in the United States.

On the other hand, Chiquis Rivera was upset with the group of journalists because she did not like the way they intercepted her, as she assures there are ways to request an interview.

“There is a way to do the interviews and it is by talking to my team to do it well, not when I am walking,” she said, very upset when a reporter asked her why she did not want to answer questions.

However, upon hearing this, the journalist insisted again, assuring that for several days they have wanted to contact her but have not been able to.

Reason why the singer asked them to wait for her to take her flight so that her manager would attend to them and then an interview would be arranged.

But no one respected the famous’s request and the questions continued, so she was furious when they asked her the reason why she closed the store dedicated to the sale of clothes in honor of “La diva de la banda”.

Finally, making an effort not to be rude and being aware that the reporters were recording, Chiquis Rivera tried to smile especially when they congratulated her on her new figure, which looks slimmer and more shapely.

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