Did Diddy Call Out French Montana For Performing With 50 Cent?

One of the most surprising moments from last night’s Hot 97 Summer Jam was seeing 50 Cent and French Montana on stage together during Chris Brown’s performance. It’s no secret 50 and French have been beefing for a while, so having the New York reps stand in front of that tri-state crowd would seem to be a good sign for NYC.

Except French’s boss may not be too happy about it. See, 50 has been calling out Diddy for over a year, saying he can’t make hot music anymore and claiming his vodka brand Effen is better than Diddy’s Ciroc. Fif even suggested French and Diddy were gay.

It appears Diddy felt some type of way about French showing up with 50 at Summer Jam. He posted a message on IG that said, “Never forget who was there for you when no one else was.

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