DJ Blazita NYC Latin DJ Q&A/Interview

DJ Blazita
DJ Blazita

Q: How do you feel being one of the most well known Female dj’s in all of NYC? 
A: In all of the world you mean? I’ve made a name for myself with mix tapes, I spin parties throughout the country, and I have my own radio show on I was one of very few females in history to DJ on HOT 97 and I have been the first female DJ to spin in a lot of cities and venues. I get love from all over the world and it’s because of consistency and hard work. I am one of “the most dynamic” DJs out there because I do everything (radio, clubs, and mixes) and spin all genres… latin, hip hop, dance/ pop, reggae. So how do I feel? I feel like “The Hottest Chic in the Game!”

Q: What is your nationality?
A: Puerto Rican

Q: Where did your career begin?
A: Penn State University but mostly when I moved to NYC in 2005.

Q: What do you like about
A: It’s a nice site. I like the features and it’s a great source for Latino music news and artist features, but my favorite section is of course the DJ section with the links to new mixtapes, top singles, etc.

Q: As a dj that has met many different artist which is your favorite out of all? 
A: I like artists who are talented, consistent and work hard. One of the artists I work with a lot, Ja’shayla, is one of my favorites because she is a great singer/ songwriter, and we are both Latinas in the music industry. We both are ambitious with what we do and we have a lot of fun.

Q: What do you like best about being DJ Blazita? 
A: That for me the sky is the limit!

Q: How did you get your jump start into being DJ Blazita? 
A: I saw a DJ rock parties at Penn State where I was going to school and it really inspired me to learn how. So I bought some turntables and asked the DJ to teach me. Not too long after I made up my DJ name, Blazita and decided to go hard with it.

Q: As we know your a very attractive female what advantage or disadvantage has that given you in the entertainment world?
A: I probably have to work harder to show that I have skills to people like promoters or club owners. I also feel that sometimes my competition comes at me on a personal level as a female instead of on a business level where we should be.

Q: What do you like to do on your time off away from Deejaying? 
A: I like to travel, spend time with family, and I like to go to the beach whenever I can.

Q: What advice do you have for people that want to be as successful as yourself?

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