DJ Dex

DJs are just like performing artists, they have to stand out from the rest and have their talents be recognized. They must have the ability to identify, control and maintain the crowd that they are performing for. DJ Dex does not only qualify, but he also has the ability to rock any type of crowd. Most DJs in Chicago would say that they could play, DJ or mix any type of genre but in reality most would only play the same type of songs over and over again. DJ Dex has challenged himself but not only updating his music but also researching it and by playing a huge variety of music.

Ruben Rico Jr. also known as DJ Dex, is one of the most unrated DJs in Chicago. Born in Chicago, raised in Cicero and is now currently located in a small suburban town called Westchester. At the age of ten, Dex was introduced to the world of Music by his very own father Ruben Rico Sr., who used to perform live with his band before Dex was born. Dex was taught how to maintain a diverse crowd by switching it up every now and then. By the age of fifteen, Dex was able to afford his first turntable set, with an amp and speakers. He was eager to learn the fundamentals of Deejaying when he hears different mixes recorded from WBBM-FM Chicago (B96), one of Dex’s favorite radio stations growing up. While listening to the radio, Dex would always hear advertisements about “V5 Group,” since then Dex has always dream about working with “V5 Group.” His influences like DJ Kazzanova, DJ Willie, DJ Jamsha, Bad Boy Bill, DJ Nonstop and others were so great that he started performing from small family parties to now big nightclubs around the Chicago land area.

DJ Dex spent most of his High School years perfecting his mixes by doing local family and friend’s parties. Dex has met some fellow DJs in his journey like Skillz, Cangrix and last but not least Vinsanity. Vinsanity taught Dex about changing his image, showed him about blending and editing tracks on computer software. After his birthday bash at the age of eighteen he was introduced to Nayimi who was a promoter for Flow Nights at the time. Dex started doing house party to nightclub gigs with help by Nayimi who started her own promotion business as Noise Entertainment. Through this journey Dex has met various local artists and other DJs; DJ Slick was one of them. Throughout the music scene Dex and Slick were known as the Tag Team Sensation, other DJs started to mimic the duo and also started to have tag team sets. Dex also helped Slick and upcoming DJ Covergirl on their DJ skills and showed them more about production on computer softwares. He grew out of the house party scene and started to have a residency at Warehouse (Nuvo) Nightclub in Melrose Park, IL.

Today DJ Dex is involved with Damn Deejays, New V5 Group and fulfilled his dream by working in radio with Maxima 93.5FM & 103.1FM. When it comes to a complete package, a DJ who has spinned from Latin to Urban music without pausing the music and has taught several DJs how to spin and educated them about the lifestyle of Deejaying, it is safe to say that Dex is probably the most unrated DJ in Chicago, and he is the complete package.

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