We just saw your post on Instagram that you will be Deejaying at the Bajo La Luna Festival in Costa Rica, how are you feeling?

I can’t even put it into words how excited I am.  It is honestly a dream come true for me to get the opportunity to perform in a music festival of this caliber with so many amazing artists performing.  I get to showcase to the world who I am while representing my fellow teammates at LaMezcla.com.  I am beyond excited and can’t wait to let it all out in my performance.  I plan on making sure the people in attendance never forget the name:  DJ Genesis!

Who are you most excited about seeing at the Bajo La Luna Festival? 

That is such an unfair question.  I am an open format DJ so every artist represents a different dimension of who I am as a DJ.  I am excited to see everybody, but if I had to narrow it down, there are two artists I am looking forward to seeing perform the most:  Quintino and Cazzu!  Quintino has some of the sickest and innovative house beats in the game.  Cazzu is one of the up and coming artists in the Urban Latin scene quickly causing waves with so many influential hits.  Definitely looking forward on seeing what both of these artists bring to the stage!

Have you ever been to Costa Rica before?

I have never been to Costa Rica.  I know their motto is “Pura Vida”.  I have heard nothing but great things as far as the hospitality of the people and of it’s beauty.  I look foward to connecting with the people and its culture.  I love feeding off the people and putting that energy in my performance. 

Can you tell us more about the Bajo La Luna Festival? 

Bajo La Luna is a music festival featuring an eclectic mix of music and artists.  The organizers truly believe in bridging the gap as far as the differences of the world through the artistry of music.  The way Bajo La Luna brings it all together is such a beautiful thing.  I can’t wait to be a part of this movement. 

How do you go about preparing for an event like Bajo La Luna? 

For my performance, I plan on feeding off of the people and the artists performing, and being an ambassador of what the festival itself represents.  The most important aspect of my preparation is to be myself for my performance.  No matter how much prep I do, I always make sure I remain true to myself because it is important to remain unique, different, and true to oneself in the art form of DJing. 

Anyway you can tell us any of the headlining artist set to perform at the festival?

My understanding is the main headliner is yet to be announced, which has me in suspense!  There is already going to be so much amazing music.  The artists confirmed so far are Quintino, Cazzu, Ale Mora, Slim Thug, Jesse Baez, Happy Colors, Gio Chamba, Dice Soho, Trill Sammy, and more to be announced!  To keep up with all artist announcements, definitely follow Bajo La Luna’s official instagram, @bajolalunafest, where you can also find all the information you need to attend this one of a kind festival and meet me in Costa Rica!

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